Inspecting foals before the auctions

If you would like to visit and inspect the foal/foals you are welcome to contact the auction office. We will contact the breeder and set up a time that is suitable for both parties. 

We can also arrange a tour where you can visit several foals in the same geographical area.


Do you want to discuss and ask questions regarding the foals’ bloodlines and estimated future traits? We are happy to advice and If we cannot answer your question, we will put you in contact with our experts.


The foals are all examined by qualified veterinarians. Should you have any questions in relation to the inspection protocol we will direct you to our experienced veterinarian Karl-Henrik Heimdahl DVM.

Let your foal grow up in Sweden

The climate and the vast landscape of Sweden is perfect for breeding young sport horses to build maximum soundness and longevity. Our foals and young horses are raised roaming large areas of land, in freedom and in social contact with other horses. If you wish to let your foal grow up in Sweden with all its benefits, we have several reputable farms that can offer full service. Some of our farms that we recommend also offer backing the young horse and getting it under saddle. Another alternative for some of the foals in the two auctions is to reach an agreement with the breeder that they keep the foal after the weaning. We are ready to discuss and support to reach the best solution for you and your foal.


We are happy to direct you to suitable horse transport companies that can offer transportation of your foal from Sweden to its new home whether it’s in Sweden or anywhere else in the world. 

Bidding via the SWB Auction office

If you are not able to place your bid online, we offer alternative ways to place your bid in a safe and controlled way. We accept requests for phone bidding or requests for bidding by visiting the auction office. We need your request the day before the auction closes at the very latest. Please contact the auction office to receive the request-form or you may book an appointment at the auction office where you can fill in the paper form.

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